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lib­stru­til is a li­brary of string con­ver­sion rou­tines, used main­ly for my own projects.

The li­brary should be able to com­pile with­out prob­lems on most com­mon Unix/​POSIX plat­forms. It can al­so be com­piled in Cyg­win, but it’s up to you to find out how.

Mats Pe­ter­son <mat­sp888 at ya­hoo dot com>

Latest Changes

• Now us­ing UTF‐​8 for a more pleas­ant ap­pear­ance of source files, text files and con­sole out­put. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, most Win­dows fonts *still* don’t have the U+2010 HY­PHEN, so I’ll stick with us­ing U+002D HY­PHEN‐​MI­NUS in the Win­dows ‘README.txt’ file and con­sole out­put against my will.
• stru­til.h: Sim­pli­fied the sym­bol ex­port macros.
• More con­trol of ex­port­ed sym­bols.
• Adapt­ed the li­brary to Win­dows. Added Win­dows bi­na­ry.