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ImgView is a sim­ple im­age view­er. It is free from menus and oth­er GUI gad­gets, and con­trolled pri­mar­i­ly by the key­board. The fol­low­ing im­age file for­mats are sup­port­ed: BMP, PBM/​PGM/​PPM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PCX.

Mats Pe­ter­son <mat­sp888 at ya­hoo dot com>

Latest Changes>

• Use Notepad for the help text and im­age com­ments.
• Try to de­code tex­tu­al da­ta in GIF, JPEG and TIFF as UTF‐​8. If that fails, fall back to CP1252.
• It was a joke. At least it looked like one. Chang­ing the name back to ImgView.
• “Hol­snerView” is the new name of ImgView (no, it’s *not* an April Fools’ joke).