About Me

My name is Mats Pe­ter­son, and I live on the west coast of Swe­den. I got my am­a­teur ra­dio li­cense in 1988, and my call­sign is (you guessed it) SM6SXL. I have op­er­at­ed sev­er­al dif­fer­ent modes through the years, such as CW, RT­TY, AM­TOR, PACTOR, SSTV and pack­et ra­dio. CW and RT­TY are per­haps my favourite modes.

I’ve had a break from am­a­teur ra­dio in re­cent years, part­ly due to the In­ter­net. That doesn’t mean I have ditched it al­to­geth­er, though.

Radio Equipment

A list of equip­ment that I own or have owned:



Ra­dio re­lat­ed pro­grams writ­ten by me:

MORSE v1.11
A lit­tle Morse code train­ing pro­gram for MS‐​DOS. It is pri­mar­i­ly writ­ten for the Cre­ative Sound Blaster Pro sound card, but it will prob­a­bly work with oth­er Cre­ative cards (SB16, AWE32) as well.
Note: The pro­gram works best in pure MS‐​DOS. If you use Win­dows, please re­boot in­to DOS mode. If that is not pos­si­ble, put the pro­gram and its files on a bootable MS‐​DOS flop­py disk.
MORSE for Unix/​Cyg­win
An in­car­na­tion of the afore­men­tioned Morse code train­ing pro­gram for Unix‐​like sys­tems (in­clud­ing Cyg­win). It is not quite as fea­ture­ful as the DOS ver­sion, but it’s still use­ful.
sprog v0.2.6
A sim­ple Unix util­i­ty for pro­gram­ming Uniden Bearcat scan­ners. It is pri­mar­i­ly in­tend­ed as a “batch proces­sor”, but it can al­so be used in­ter­ac­tive­ly. It sup­ports at least the fol­low­ing scan­ner mod­els:
    Amer­i­can: BC780XLT BC785D BC796D BC250D BC296D
    Eu­ro­pean: UBC780XLT UBC785XLT UBC3300XLT
J‐​Pole Cal­cu­la­tions by N3GO Gary O’Neil
C, Perl and TI‐⁠89 im­ple­men­ta­tions of N3GO Gary O’Neil’s J‐​pole cal­cu­la­tions.


A se­lec­tion of ra­dio re­lat­ed sites:

The Swedish Am­a­teur Ra­dio So­ci­ety
The na­tion­al as­so­ci­a­tion for am­a­teur ra­dio in Amer­i­ca
World­wide call­sign data­base
World­wide call­sign data­base
Free web host­ing and e‐​mail for­ward­ing for ra­dio am­a­teurs
In­for­ma­tion about DX Clus­ter
Your Own Ham Do­main
Set up a do­main name with your own call­sign
Fu­net’s Am­a­teur Ra­dio Archive
Large archive of am­a­teur ra­dio re­lat­ed soft­ware and in­for­ma­tion