A cou­ple of bat‐​eared guys at the Steve Hoff­man fo­rums have no­ticed there are un­want­ed dig­i­tal clicks on the 1996 re­mas­ter/​remix of The Who’s Tom­my. I here­by chal­lenge you to lis­ten to the short sam­ple from We’re Not Gonna Take It, and see if you can hear these clicks.

I have used SoX to ex­tract the sam­ple, since it doesn’t al­ter the au­dio da­ta in any way, as op­posed to e.g. Au­dac­i­ty, which con­verts to in­ter­nal for­mat and back.

Some peo­ple say the clicks sound like vinyl crack­les, oth­ers say they sound like the sta­t­ic noise when your hand touch­es the screen of a CRT (cath­ode ray tube) TV that just got turned off. I can’t hear them my­self, al­though I have no prob­lem hear­ing “nor­mal” vinyl crack­les or sta­t­ic noise from a CRT TV. These clicks are most prob­a­bly even high­er in fre­quen­cy. For the record, I’m cur­rent­ly 52 years old.

It’s in­ter­est­ing to note that not even Bob Lud­wig, the guy who mas­tered the al­bum, knows about the is­sue.

Just for fun, I shift­ed the pitch down by −50 % (one oc­tave) in an au­dio ed­i­tor, af­ter which I can hear the clicks.

Please e‐​mail me about the re­sult of the test. And please be hon­est; don’t make things up.