Metadata for “3000.tif”

[dc] CreatorBob McKain
[dc] DescriptionFront view of an Amiga 3000.

Converted from ILBM format.
[dc] Formatimage/tiff
[dc] SubjectCommodore
Commodore Amiga
Commodore Amiga 3000
[dc] Title3000
[tiff] Image Height200
[tiff] Image Width640
[tiff] Resolution Unitinches
[tiff] X Resolution72
[tiff] Y Resolution32.7272727272727
[xmpMM] Document IDuuid:014820a6-4d9c-11e6-851a-21dfe7808fab
[xmpMM] Instance IDuuid:5fae7fd4-4f16-11e6-add5-334ee8808fab
[xmp] Create Date1990
[xmp] Creator ToolUnknown (Commodore Amiga)
[xmp] Metadata Date2016-07-21 09:40:19+02:00
[xmp] Modify Date2014-02-27 21:14:01+01:00
Exif Byte OrderLittle-endian (Intel, II)
File TypeTIFF
File Type Extensiontif
MIME Typeimage/tiff
ArtistBob McKain
Bits Per Sample4
Color Map[binary data]
CompressionAdobe Deflate
Image DescriptionFront view of an Amiga 3000.

Converted from ILBM format.
Image Height200
Image Width640
Modify Date2014-02-27 21:14:01
Page Number0 1
Photometric InterpretationRGB Palette
Planar ConfigurationChunky
Resolution Unitinches
Rows Per Strip102
Sample FormatUnsigned
Samples Per Pixel1
SoftwareUnknown (Commodore Amiga)
Strip Byte Counts559 1450
Strip Offsets4794 5353
X Resolution72
Y Resolution32.72727273
Directory/home/mats/public_html/Images/Commodore Amiga/Bob McKain
File Access Date/Time2018-11-24 10:57:55+01:00
File Inode Change Date/Time2016-07-21 09:40:19+02:00
File Modification Date/Time2016-07-21 09:40:19+02:00
File Name3000.tif
File Permissionsrw-r--r--
File Size6.6 kB
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