Bri­an . . . the babe they called Bri­an
Grew . . . grew grew and grew, grew up to be
A boy called Bri­an
A boy called Bri­an

He had arms and legs and hands and feet
This boy whose name was Bri­an
And he grew, grew, grew and grew
Grew up to be
Yes he grew up to be
A teenag­er called Bri­an
A teenag­er called Bri­an
And his face be­came spot­ty
Yes his face be­came spot­ty
And his voice dropped down low
And things start­ed to grow
On young Bri­an and show
He was cer­tain­ly no
No girl named Bri­an
Not a girl named Bri­an

And he start­ed to shave
And have one off the wrist
And want to see girls
And go out and get pissed
This man called Bri­an
This man called Bri­an

Here en­deth Part Two of . . . Life of Bri­an (of Nazareth)

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