Be­de­vere. And that, my leige, is how we know the earth to be of a girly shape­ment.

Arthur. This new learn­ing amazes me, Sir Be­de­vere. Ex­plain again, how sheep’s blad­ders can be em­ployed to pre­vent earth­quakes.

Be­de­vere. Oh, cer­tain­ly, Sir. You see, . . .

[the clouds open and a gi­ant an­i­mat­ed face is seen. It speaks:]

God. Aaaarthur . . . Aarthur, King of the Britons . . .

[the knights fall to their knees]

God. Oh don’t grov­el!

Arthur. Sor­ry, Lord . . .

God. And don’t apol­o­gize!! Every time I try to talk to some­body, it’s “I’m sor­ry” this and “for­give me” that and “I’m not wor­thy” . . . It’s like those mis­er­able Psalms⁠—​they’re soooo de­press­ing!

Arthur. Yes, Lord.

God. What’re you do­ing now?

Arthur. Avert­ing my eyes, o Lord.

God. Well knock it off!

Arthur. Yes, Lord.

God. Right. Arthur, King of the Britons, I have de­cid­ed to set you a task as an ex­am­ple in these dark times.

Arthur. Good idea, o Lord!

God. [thun­der] ’course it’s a good idea! Now: this is the Holy Grail.
[gi­ant pic­ture of a gold­en, jew­el‐​en­crust­ed grail ap­pears in the sky]
[heav­en­ly mu­sic]
Look well, Arthur: It is your mis­sion to seek this Grail. That is your pur­pose, Arthur: The Quest for the Holy Grail!

[the clouds slam shut.]

Arthur. A bless­ing! A bless­ing from the Lord!

Lancelot. God be praised!