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[TXT]README.TXT14-Oct-1993 04:49 2.5K

Since some screen modes of old­er com­put­ers use non‐​square pix­els, some im­ages will be scaled so that they ap­pear cor­rect­ly on a mod­ern dis­play with square pix­els. Please note that this is not an ex­act sci­ence, since the mon­i­tor used when the artist cre­at­ed the im­age may not have been prop­er­ly ad­just­ed. If you don’t like the ap­pear­ance, you can change the pix­el as­pect ra­tio by mod­i­fy­ing the ‘par’ pa­ra­me­ter in the ‘scaleimg.cgi’ query string.

Mats Pe­ter­son <mat­sp888 at ya­hoo dot com>

=============================== README.TXT ===================================

This CDROM contains over 6000 images, in a wide variety of categories.  These
images are located in the directory ‘gifs’, with a separate subdirectory for
each category.  For instance, the directory ‘\gifs\people’ contains pictures
of people, and the directory ‘\gifs\birds’ contains pictures of birds.  Each
subdirectory of images has catalogs containing arrays of reduced images so you
can quickly preview the pictures.  These catalog files are named 000cat.gif,
001cat.gif, 002cat.gif, etc.

Viewers are included for several different systems.  They are located in the
directory ‘viewers’.  To view the images using either GDS or VPIC, you can
run the program ‘GDS.BAT’ or ‘VPIC.BAT’ respectively.  These program are
shareware.  (Viewing the images on this CDROM with VPIC does not require
registration.  Other use does.)  

Due to the large number of incompatible video cards, most viewers will not work
on all systems.  So if a particular viewer doesn’t work with your system, try
another.  Both viewers will work better and offer more colors if you install
them for your video card.  You’ll need to copy the files to your hard disk and
select the correct initialization file for your video card.  See the respective
documentation for GDS and VPIC and the ‘install.txt’ on the cdrom drive.

Many of the programs on this disc are shareware, and require separate payment
to the author of the program for continued use.  You are free to try shareware
programs for a limited amount of time.  If you continue to use the program, you
are expected to register the program by sending a specified amount of money
directly to the author of the program.  In many cases the author will send you
the most up to date version of the program and a printed manual.  Please check
individual files for conditions.

The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) specification is owned and copyrighted
by CompuServe, Inc.
This CD‐ROM is unconditionally guaranteed.  If you are dissatisfied for any
reason, you can return it for a full refund.

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        1547 Palos Verdes Mall, Suite 260
        Walnut Creek, CA  94596

        +1 800 786‐9907
        +1 510 674‐0783
        +1 510 674‐0821 FAX		  
=============================== README.TXT ===================================