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These im­ages have been pro­duced by first mak­ing a screen­shot in VICE, then crop­ping it to 320 × 200 pix­els, and fi­nal­ly con­vert­ing it to TIFF. The palette file used in VICE is win­vice.vpl. If you’re not hap­py with the col­ors, you can mod­i­fy the col­or map of a TIFF im­age with my lit­tle chtiffcmap util­i­ty. An ex­am­ple:

chtiffcmap win­vice.vpl fro­do.vpl "eng­lish bob­by.tif"

Since the pix­els of the Com­modore 64 aren’t square, I have en­tered XRes­o­lu­tion and YRes­o­lu­tion val­ues in­to the TIFF im­ages that re­flect the pix­el as­pect ra­tio. Please note that this is not an ex­act sci­ence, since the mon­i­tor used when the artist cre­at­ed the im­age may not have been prop­er­ly ad­just­ed. On dis­play, the im­ages will be scaled so that they ap­pear cor­rect­ly on a mod­ern dis­play with square pix­els. If you don’t like the ap­pear­ance, you can change the pix­el as­pect ra­tio by mod­i­fy­ing the ‘par’ pa­ra­me­ter in the ‘scaleimg.cgi’ query string.

If you rec­og­nize one or more of the im­ages in the ‘Un­known’ di­rec­to­ry as be­ing your own work, please send me an e‐​mail with as much of the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion as pos­si­ble:

Mats Pe­ter­son <mat­sp888 at ya­hoo dot com>