Windows Software

Var­i­ous pro­grams for Win­dows.

Windows/Unix Software

Var­i­ous pro­grams that work with both Win­dows and Unix.

Unix Software

Var­i­ous pro­grams for Unix/​POSIX.

Sequencer Plus Gold Utilities

Var­i­ous helper pro­grams for the Se­quencer Plus Gold MI­DI se­quencer from Voyetra.


I’ve col­lect­ed a bunch of Atari ST, Com­modore Ami­ga and Com­modore 64 pic­tures that I’ve con­vert­ed to TIFF for­mat. Many of the pic­tures were cre­at­ed in dis­play modes with non‐​square pix­els; for on­line view­ing, the im­age will be scaled so that it dis­plays cor­rect­ly on a mod­ern dis­play with square pix­els. For of­fline view­ing, my ImgView view­er (Win­dows ver­sion, Unix ver­sion) is one of the few pro­grams that can do this scal­ing au­to­mat­i­cal­ly.

Monty Python Goodies

Se­lect­ed tran­scripts from Mon­ty Python TV, movies and records.

I have al­so made an eBook in EPUB for­mat of all the files.

Saga’s Heads or Tales: Is It Flawed?

Some ob­ser­va­tions re­gard­ing the 2003 Steamham­mer/​SPV re­mas­ter and a 1983 Bon Aire vinyl of Saga’s Heads or Tales al­bum.

The Loudness War

Var­i­ous links per­tain­ing to the phe­nom­e­non called “the loud­ness war”.

High‐Resolution Digital Audio

Var­i­ous links per­tain­ing to the (hope­ful­ly ob­vi­ous) mer­its of us­ing more than 16 bits/​44.1 kHz for dig­i­tal au­dio.

Digital Click Hearing Test

Can you hear the clicks?